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How to Clean Ducted Air Conditioner Filters

The AirClean™ high efficiency V-pleat filter is a disposable filter designed to trap pollutants that are over 10 times smaller when compared to traditional panel filters.

The ‘V’ pleat design has over 2.5 times the surface area as the traditional panel filter.

By trapping these pollutants, not only does the filter keep the unit cleaner and running more efficiently, but it also helps to maintain the air we breathe cleaner.

How to Clean Ducted Air Conditioner Filters - AirClean Filters


Designed to trap pollutants
that are over 10 times smaller

How to Clean Ducted Air Conditioner Filters | AirClean Filters

The ‘V’ pleat design has over 2.5 times
the surface area of a standard panel filter


Keeps the unit cleaner and
also helps maintain cleaner air

Airflow Efficiency Comparison


Re-ordering and replacing
your filter is easy.


Ducted Air Conditioning Filters Cleaning - AirClean Filters

what size is my filter?

Find the sticker placed on the side
of your AirClean Filter™ giving you the
item code and dimensions.

Cleaning Ducted Air Conditioner Filters - AirClean Filters

WHEN do I replace my filter?

For Home: Every 12 months
For Office: Every 3-6 months or have a regular maintenance program in place.

How to Clean Ducted Aircon Filters - AirClean Filters

WHERE is my filter located?

They are generally located in the ceiling mounted return air grille or wall mounted low level return air grille.


How to Clean Ducted Aircon Filters

Having clean ducted air conditioner filters will ensure your air conditioner performs at its best. If you are
planning on cleaning your air filters by yourself and wondering how to clean ducted air conditioner filters,
here are a few tips and considerations first:


In your home, air conditioners circulate fresh air, and the air filters trap dirt, pollutant, and debris. Due to
frequent usage, the filter gets clogged by dirt and debris, which would otherwise be circulated in your room.
As a result of clogged filters, the air conditioner must work harder to pump air. This increases energy
consumption and reduces the lifespan of the air conditioning unit. It also affects your home’s indoor air
quality and leads to respiratory illness, skin disease, and more. Whereas cleaning your ducted air conditioner
filter prevents it from getting clogged while maintaining quality indoor air and improving system efficiency.
We recommend a replacement of air conditioning filter at least once per year. Replacing your aircon filter is
much quicker, and more reliable than cleaning. If you are cleaning your filters it is recommended by most
manufactures to clean their filters twice per month. But replacing with a fresh, new AirClean filter requires no
cleaning, just a quick replacement once every 12 months.


Wondering how to keep your ducted air con filters clean? There are a lot of steps required to thoroughly clean
your own manufacturers aircon filters. Before undertaking these steps to clean your manufacturer’s air
conditioning filter every fortnight, consider switching to an AirClean Filter which only requires no cleaning.
AirClean Filters only need a quick, simple replacement once per year.
– When cleaning a ducted air conditioner filter, shut the power off for safety and protection.
– Remove the filter and get rid of most of the dust using a vacuum.
– If you are using a water and vinegar mixture or any other water-based cleaning solutions for ducted air
conditioning filter cleaning, make sure to read the filter’s manual to confirm that the filters are designed to
get wet. This prevents any damage when cleaning it.

After cleaning the filter, dry it (if you are using a cleaning solution or water) and reinstall it.  

For more information on cleaning and maintenance, call +61 1300 234 583.

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