Air Filters in Australia: Five Things an Aircon Service Can Do for You

Day in and day out, your air conditioning unit is working without letup. Does it come to your mind why aircons fail sometimes? Have you called a service technician only when it stopped?  Just like any running heavy-duty machine, your aircon needs servicing. And what is involved in AC servicing is more than repair; it also includes air conditioner maintenance. Let’s see what is done in AC servicing so you can enjoy fresh and clean indoor air all the time.  

What Are the Benefits of Air Conditioning Service?

Are you aware that what is most ignored in aircons are the filters? A dirty aircon filter is a faulty aircon. And it would be highly uncomfortable, especially during the hottest days of the year. Maybe it is time (or overdue) for regular aircon filter cleaning. It is better to spend a little than regret having spent more in the end. Further below, we explore the main benefits of a regular tune-up of your AC system.  
  • Extend the Life of Your AC
There are plenty of reasons why an AC unit may not be properly functioning. Most of them are minor problems that can be easily fixed. But if things aren’t taken care of promptly, it can escalate to bigger issues that might ruin the system entirely. The best way to prolong your AC’s life is to schedule a regular check-up. When a technician inspects the system, they will be able to discover these minor problems.  They will be able to fix them on the spot. A regular tune-up with an HVAC professional can save you money in the long run.  

Purify Air Quality

Besides pumping cold air into a room, an air conditioning system contributes to purifying your indoor air quality. As air goes through your system and into areas of your home, it will pass through an air filter. Contingent on the exact filters and system in place, airborne pollutants, such as pollen or dust, will be cleaned out. However, when the system doesn’t receive regular cleaning or maintenance, the air filter begins to clog up. The junk stays wedged inside the system. Eventually, the buildup accumulates and causes malfunctions. Thus, an AC repair service will ensure all filters are clean and clear to allow for fresh and quality air in your home.  

Reduces Humidity Indoors

A well-functioning AC reduces humidity inside your home. Once the air moves through the cooling and air filter, the excess water is drawn out. High humidity levels in a home are a huge problem because of other issues that may arise like mould and mildew. These can seriously impact the health of your household, especially those with respiratory problems. Humidity thickens the air and creates a feeling that everything is sticky. A high-humid house will likely emit an unpleasant musty smell. It also makes the environment hotter. But a service technician will be able to check the level of humidity in your home and help you make decisions for your AC system based on the data. When it comes to humidity, different systems have different capabilities. Expert HVAC technicians are well-trained and ensure that your system has the correct air filter.  

Add-on System Upgrades

Temperature control technology is continually improving and evolving. Smart thermostats are popular more than ever, and many homeowners choose to install them in their homes. An air-conditioning system should work flawlessly with these cutting-edge technologies. However, in some cases, there is a bit of adjustment that needs to be applied first. A trained HVAC technician will know exactly what to do to get these two machines to work together. They can assist you with any programming problems that you run into. Their help and advice will help you maximise your system’s performance.  

Save Money

Your AC is composed of parts like evaporator and condenser coils, motor, filter and more. Neglect of AC maintenance will compromise the functionality of the AC as a unit. More likely, aircons fail due to clogged filters and coils. Finding the right air filter cleaner will ensure your aircon will perform its best. Negligence on your part would cause a spike in energy bills as well because your dirty AC system will work harder.  

Increase Your Air Conditioner’s Life

Regular maintenance of your AC, including the air filter cleaner, will help it perform its best. It is estimated that maintenance can help your unit maintain up to 95% of its original operational efficiency and performance. This leads to a broad range of benefits, from energy efficiency, lower humidity levels to fewer repairs. An AC unit should last up to 15 years before requiring a replacement. Whether you have a split system, multi-split system or ducted air-conditioner for residential or commercial use, the benefits of an AC servicing company remain the same. Getting your AC serviced by a qualified technician can improve the overall lifespan of your unit. It is best to talk to an air care professional that can give you the best service for your specific needs.  

AirClean Filters: An Innovative Way of Keeping the Air Clean

Failing to arrange for a proper AC service is quite common in most Australian households. Many believe that AC maintenance is costly, and the unit can still function without being tuned up or repaired. Please don’t make this mistake! Your AC system might develop serious problems if you wait until repairs are required. In the long run, you will likely need to pay more, and your system will be unable to reach its total life expectancy.  Protect your home and health! Get your AC serviced and ensure that your repairmen use AirClean Filters for your HVAC system. Contact us now.

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