AirClean Sanitisers

Installation Instructions

  1. Fit clamp in the return air box of the air conditioning system (as per pic).

  2. Remove desired amount of red plugs from lid of AirClean Sanitiser.

  3. Place AirClean Sanitiser gel tub in clamp holder.

                                                   Installation Instructions

  1. How to install AirClean Sanitiser Split System

  2. Photo of installed sanitiser tub in ducted AirCon – rotate photo correct way

  3. Step by step instructions to install

Re-ordering and replacing
your filter is easy.


what size is my filter?

Find the sticker placed on the side
of your AirClean Filter™ giving you the
item code and dimensions.


WHEN do I replace my filter?

For Home: Every 12 months
For Office: Every 3-6 months or have a regular maintenance program in place.


WHERE is my filter located?

They are generally located in the ceiling mounted return air grille or wall mounted low level return air grille.

still not convinced?

Learn about the main key benefits of having an
AirClean Filter™ air conditioning filters rather than Standard Panel Filters.

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