Benefits of Air Conditioning Filters

Ducted Air Conditioning Filters

Fight viruses, allergens, mould spores, and dust mites right now! Improve your air quality by installing an AirClean ducted air conditioning filter. Did you know that a dirty air filter will contaminate the air in your home or workplace, causing skin conditions such as rashes, headaches, asthma or allergy symptoms, and other health problems? Changing your ducted air conditioning filter regularly helps you avoid any unwanted health issues that come with a dirty filter, including eye irritation, sinus troubles, and other respiratory issues.

Ducted Heating Filter – Improve Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Energy Consumption

Unlike traditional ducted heating filters, AirClean Filters provide cleaner air by removing small pollutants, leading to a lower incidence of allergy or asthma triggers. They allow you to breathe clean air and enjoy a healthy lifestyle at home or work. An added advantage is that they are disposable, you can replace them only when needed, and there is no need to vacuum anymore! Improve Indoor Air Quality – AirClean ducted aircon filters trap and remove pollutants that aren’t visible to the naked eye, such as pollen, bacteria, virus carriers, pet dander, mould spores and dust mites, all of which lead to severe allergies, asthma symptoms, and hay fever. With better air quality, buildings can see improved productivity levels and reduced sickness rates. Reduce Energy Consumption – AirClean filters improve airflow while minimising energy consumption through their unique design, which increases the lifespan of any system it is fitted on by up to 60%. An AirClean ducted heating return air filter reduces energy consumption by minimising the number of pollutants recirculated through your system while providing improved efficiency. Cost-Effective – AirClean Filters help reduce the energy consumption of HVAC systems by filtering out more pollutants and extending their life. As a result, less energy is required due to the filtering, which reduces strain on your system and ultimately reduces energy bills. Get a Peaceful Night’s Sleep – Eliminate dust, pollen, mould spores, virus carriers and other pollutants from your sleeping environment and wake up feeling refreshed. Keeps You Healthy – A ducted heating vent filter from AirClean Filters reduces the recirculation of pollutants by not requiring continual vacuuming. In addition, since they are disposable, ducted aircon filter replacement is easy!

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AirClean Filters are designed to filter out contaminants such as pollen, virus carriers and dust mites which can cause allergic issues, respiratory problems, and hay fever. The ducted heating filter material provides excellent filtration and improves indoor air quality tremendously. AirClean Filters home air purifiers work to improve allergy triggers and remove large and small particles in the air reducing recirculation of these particles meaning less work for your air conditioner and fan motors. Disposable air conditioning filters have one less task: maintenance! You will no longer need to vacuum your filter or remove it entirely. Instead, simply perform a ducted air conditioning filter replacement from AirClean Filters when the old filter becomes full. Vacuuming a standard filter will damage the filter material, providing no protection for you or the system. Using AirClean Filters will not require any vacuum cleaning, which is better for your system’s filter and energy consumption. Don’t let a dirty air filter affect you or your system! Choose AirClean Filters now for a healthy and clean home. Call +61 1300 234 583 now to learn more about our ducted heating vent filters!

Own a ducted air conditioner?

Discover the benefits of using high-grade disposable AirClean Filters™
as opposed to standard washable filters that come with major drawbacks.

100% Disposable AirClean Filters to help improve the indoor air quality

Fight viruses, allergens, mould spores, and dust mites right now! 

Improve your air quality by installing an AirClean ducted air conditioning filter.

no more mould

Most standard panel filters are washed and re-installed damp, causing fungi to develop, which can then be blown throughout your home through the air-conditioning ducts. This can be prevented by simply replacing your filters, keeping your home safe from mould.

Improved indoor air quality

AirClean Filters™ help improve the indoor air quality by filtering the smaller pollutants you can’t see. Such as pollen, virus carriers, lint dust, mould spores and dust mites which can often trigger allergies, asthma and hay fever.

sensitive choice

AirClean Filters™ are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program and carry the blue butterfly symbol, indicating the product has been identified as potentially beneficial for people affected by asthma and allergies. AirClean Filters™ are the only disposable filter brand for (ducted residential and commercial) Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) applications, to be recognised by the Sensitive Choice program for superior air filtration.

Ducted Air Conditioning Filters - AirClean Filters
Ducted Heating Filters - AirClean Filters
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Ducted Aircon Filter Replacements - AirClean Filters

protect you and your system

Vacuuming a standard filter will result in damaging the filter material, providing no protection for you or the system. Using AirClean Filters™ you won’t need to vacuum the filter anymore. Instead you can just simply replace it with a new clean disposable filter.

Reduce energy consumption

AirClean Filters™ help maintain a cleaner indoor unit coil/heat exchange which improves the performance and extends the life of the unit , as well as reduce energy consumption.

Saving you money

When considering all the aspects in cleaning, maintenance and all the costs associated with a standard filter, AirClean Filters™ outweighs in affordability.

A disposable filter can actually save you more money in the long run. With reduced energy costs and less maintenance required.

Ducted Heating Return Air Filter - AirClean Filters

Better for Your Health, Better for your System

For Your health

Hepa Filters Australia - AirClean Filters

Cathches more pollutants – large and small!

Hepa Filters Australia - AirClean Filters

Improve indoor air quality by less recirculation of pollutants

Hepa Filters Australia - AirClean Filters

More hygienic – no more cleaning required

Hepa Filters Australia - AirClean Filters

Living & working environment is cleaner, making the air easier to breathe

Hepa Filters Australia - AirClean Filters

Good indoor air quality is positive for business productivity

for your system

Hepa Filters Australia - AirClean Filters

Energy saving, fan motors compressor will not have to work as hard

Hepa Filters Australia - AirClean Filters

Better air flows

Hepa Filters Australia - AirClean Filters

Optimal operation efficiency

Hepa Filters Australia - AirClean Filters

Prolong the life of the air conditioner unit

Hepa Filters Australia - AirClean Filters

Helps maintain cleaner ducts

Hepa Filters Australia - AirClean Filters

Simple and easy to fit in to most grilles

Keep your air clean

Replace your Filter today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If you don’t change your ducted air conditioning filter regularly, the excess dust and particles will accumulate, hampering airflow and decreasing the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Doing so can also lead to allergies caused by exposure to particular substances such as mould, pollen, fungi or animal dander. In addition, if you have asthma or any other respiratory problems, this could lead to more flare-ups. 

If you want to keep your home’s air clean and the house smelling fresh, then it’s essential that you change your ducted aircon filter regularly. Failure to do so will result in stagnant air, promoting mould and pests. On top of this, having high levels of particulate matter like dust will wreak havoc on indoor air quality if you don’t replace your filters regularly. You should replace air filters in your home every 12 months, whereas, for the office, you should consider changing them every three to six months.  

Timing is one of the most important factors of ducted heating vent filter material maintenance. Air filters should be changed every one to three months. A visual inspection will determine if it’s time to change the filter, but there are also a few other ways to know it’s time:  

1) The heating or cooling system isn’t running as efficiently as it could be.  

2) It has taken an unusually long time for your home to get warm in the morning.

3) You see dust building up on furniture or appliances.  

4) There are significant changes in your HVAC system’s performance.  

These can all indicate that you need to change your air filter. 

If you are looking for ways to improve the air quality in your home, adding an air filter may be the answer. Air filters are specially designed with ducted heating filter material that prevents harmful bacteria from growing. They can improve indoor air quality and make you feel more comfortable in your own home. In addition, air filters can reduce indoor air pollution and the accumulation of particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke. Replacing your old or inefficient filter with one that offers efficient filtration will help you breathe easier and improve your overall indoor environment.

Disposable air conditioning filters are designed to be used only one time. They are most often used by homeowners as an inexpensive option for improved indoor air quality during winter seasons. Disposable air filters are perfect for homes with furry friends who shed year-round. The disposable filters typically last six months and can be tossed out when they are due for a cleaning. Disposable air filters have a higher filtration efficiency than most pleated air filters, leading to better indoor air quality. Contact us for ducted air conditioning filter replacement.  

Yes! When it comes to air filters, size matters. The better your filter is sized for the space, the more air it can capture and hold at once, which means cleaner air in your home. Deciding which size air filter you need for your home can be difficult. However, using the specifications of your furnace and consulting with your HVAC technician can make this process much easier. They’ll also help you know how often you should replace it.  


The ducted aircon filter size depends on the square footage of your home. If you live in a 1200 sq ft home, installing an 18 x 24 filter that you can clean every six months is recommended. A 24 x 36 filter will work for homes that are 1400 sq ft or less and should be cleaned every three months. A 30 x 36 air filter is ideal for 1500 sq ft or smaller homes and should be cleaned quarterly.