How to Get the Optimum Performance Out of an Air Conditioning System

Our air conditioning at home is a vital component in our daily living. As we breathe, we are assured of clean air, less humidity, with sufficient heat or cold surrounding us. But due to neglect, home AC systems fail too. The many health benefits that we should be getting will be jeopardised, and we’ll be spending more on repairs or replacement. So, what can we do? How can we take care of our air handlers?  

How Often Should Air Handlers Be Serviced?

It is always a good idea to have your HVAC and air con filter checked. Experts would recommend to service your HVAC systems at least per year. But, when is the best time to change air filters? There’s no concrete time for that as long as air conditioning services find out that you have air filters that need to be replaced soon. Also, this is contingent on the performance of your heating and cooling system and of what type of filters are installed. However, you can wait for spring as the best time for indoor air conditioning services and air filter replacements, whereas fall is the best time of the year for servicing heaters.  

How Can I Improve My Central Air Performance?

When the summer months arrive, that means it is time to turn on your air conditioning system. Before you do that, make sure all AC parts are in perfect working condition by following these helpful tips.  

Get Your Unit Checked by an HVAC Technician

There are many benefits to getting your air conditioner serviced before summer. You will be able to reduce energy costs, enjoy cooling comfort year-round and extend the life of your equipment. If you want to ensure your home’s comfort, then book an appointment with the local HVAC professionals. A check-up will uncover any underlying performance issues like the need for air con filter replacement to keep it running properly in the demanding heat of summer.  

Clean the Area Around Your Outdoor Units

The outdoor units of your system will work more efficiently if they have a clear passage to push clean air. Clear away any piles or leaves from trees, shrubs and grass that could be obstructing your system. Otherwise, it might require extra effort for these important components like the air con filter to reach peak performance.   

Upgrade the Insulation in Your Attic and Walls

Insulation helps you stay cool in the summer and warm during winter. If your home does not have adequate insulation, it will take energy away from cooling to keep things at an optimal temperature. This can lead not only to higher utility bills but also more wear-and-tear on appliances, such as air conditioners or furnaces.  

Ductwork Insulation

Have you noticed that your home’s air conditioning doesn’t seem as cool when it is hot outside? This could be because of exposed ducts in the garage or basement, which can lead to inefficiently sized ventilation systems. Adding insulation around these openings will make them work more efficiently. This will limit how much warm moist tropical air comes into contact with cooler indoor surfaces like walls and ceilings before being exhausted out an appropriate distance away from your home.  

Install Ceiling Fans

The cool air from a ceiling fan can make you feel cooler, even if the temperature inside your home is consistent. By circulating and distributing this breeze around your home, you can avoid overheating or humidity issues, and you are able to keep things more comfortable.  

Clean and Clear Indoor Vents

Blocking your HVAC system’s vents will result in inefficient usage of energy. The cool air that is necessary for keeping you comfortable and safe may be barred by furniture or other items, preventing it from flowing through the unit as needed to keep those inside comfortable throughout hot weather months. It is important also to ensure all obstructions are taken care of before they become serious problems, because allowing them to go unchecked could lead to far more expensive repairs down the road, such as having an underperforming AC unit and air con filter.  

Install a Smart Thermostat

The easiest way to lower your energy costs is by not running the air conditioning when you are not home. But a better way is to replace old thermostats with new ones that will work better, like a smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you can schedule temperature changes to happen at specific times. When the device detects that no one is home and it is not too warm outside (or cold), then it will adjust automatically every hour without anyone present. The good thing about smart controls is that you can access your HVAC devices through smartphones.  

Switch to Cooler LED Bulbs

The new LED light bulbs are not only more energy-efficient, but they also produce less heat. This means that by reducing the amount of hotter incandescent lights, your air conditioning system and air con filter will have less stress cooling your indoor environment.  

Avoid Using Heat-Producing Appliances During the Day

Large appliances, such as dryers and dishwashers, can be a big heat producer. If you run these during the day when temperatures are high, they will stress out your home’s air conditioning system and air con filter even more. To avoid this from happening, set up an evening schedule so that they are only used at night time when your AC doesn’t have to work that hard.  

Install the Best Air Purifier for Mould

Australians would normally choose the best air purifier for 2022. Having your space equipped with the latest HVAC component will ensure you get the optimum device performance. Whilst humidity is the number one enemy at home through proliferating mould spores, it is only intuitive to ward off air contaminants with the most sophisticated air purifier, the one using high-efficiency air filters.  

AirClean Filters: An Innovative Way of Keeping the Air Clean

There are several ways you can make your home more comfortable all year round and at the same time keep the health of your HVAC to their optimum performance. Part of that regular maintenance is ensuring that your ACs have an efficient air filtering system. If you have no idea how to clean or replace your air filters, check out our highly efficient air filters for air purifiers at AirClean Filters. Our air filters help your air conditioners work their way and give your indoor air a healthy living space. For enquiries, give us a call on 1300 234 583.

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