Reasons Why Air Conditioner

Getting a new air conditioning unit is a big investment. It is not just to make your home cool during the summer but also to add value to your home and health.

Aircon filters clean indoor air, trapping the pollutants that float around. Therefore, it is vital to regularly clean the air filters of your AC system to get the best benefit.

Pollutants That Are Harmful to Your Breathing

Feeling stuffy lately, even though your room looks clean? Air is an invisible force of nature that we cannot control on how to clean unless with the help of certain devices.

Aircon filters act as a sieve that sorts these microscopic impurities in the air and makes your room breathable. Let’s briefly see these triggers that make our nose itch.
  • Pollen—Pollens are plant parts with a fine coarse powder that help pollinate plants, transported by wind or through animals. 
  • Dust Mites—These make our skin itch and nose twitch. They thrive in beddings or any fabric. Dust mites burrow in the crevices of your bed and bite when it can. We don’t actually inhale these nasty microscopic creatures, but the dust that comes from them, such as their decaying body or feces, causes dust allergy.
  • Mould Spores—Mould can grow anywhere if moisture is present. Even through clothes and pets coming in and out of the house, mould spores can attach themselves and drop at any place, eventually growing in the dampest area.
  • Pet Dander—Pet danders are little specks of dry skin that float around the air. They can be suspended in the breathable air space, and without aircon filters they will just stay airborne until you inhale them.
  • Cigarette Smoke—Second-hand smoke is very harmful to children. The smoke left indoors poses a great risk to those who have asthma and allergies.
  • Viruses—A person that is contagious with flu carries viral infections that when sneezed can stay airborne and fall on the ground through droplets. When humans sneeze for about 8 metres, the level of humidity and temperature can stay suspended in the air for a longer time. 
  • Carpet Fibres—All the above-mentioned can stay on your carpet. Carpets add aesthetics to your home but when this fluffy mat is neglected, it is a huge dust catcher. Even the type of carpet fibre and the glue that holds the mat together can cause allergic reactions.
  • Lint Dust—This can be accumulated fibres and dust from dirty aircon filters and dryer bins. It is not just a health risk by inhalation, it is also a fire hazard.

What Are the Benefits of Changing Air Con Filters?

Even if you can identify the source of your allergic reaction by using the above list of common environmental allergens, all these air pollutants, when accumulated in one heap of grey lint-like texture, can be traced back to your dirty air con filter.

What are the benefits of a regularly maintained air con filter?

• Improved Air Quality

Breathe in clean air without the fear of pollutants hanging around you. Air con filters trap pollutants in the air, minimising the risk of lung diseases.

• Enhanced AC Performance

Any device or appliance that is maintained regularly will also work better. Dirty air con filters clog the tubes behind the unit, compromising its performance. 

• Reduced Maintenance Cost

To achieve the optimal condition of your AC unit, regular maintenance can early detect problems that will cost more if ignored for a long time.

• Extended AC Device Life

Even if your AC is brand new, make sure that it is not damaged from installation and best to have it checked-up. AC unit technicians may give you advice or two on when to replace aircon filters.

• Increased Safety Level

Air con technicians can also spot problems with the wirings and leakage that can potentially cause fire and electrocution. Blockage from the coils behind air con affected by saturated air con filters can cause overheating of the equipment posing a great safety issue.

Types of Air Filters

The science behind air filters is always improving. It is said that air filtration has been the best method of separating microscopic pollutants using innovative filtration types. The different patterns seen in the types of air con filters are not just there for design but because of how they trap tiny pollutants in the air.  These are examples of air con filter types:

• Washable

Washable filters are a bit costly compared to disposable air con filters, but they are eco-friendly and it’s a one-time purchase. However, washable aircon filters need regular maintenance for optimal use. 

• Fibreglass

Also called flat-panelled filters, fibreglass aircon filters are one of the most common HVAC air filters around because they are relatively cheaper and replaceable. Fibreglass filters last for 30 days before replacement. 

• HEPA filter

High-efficiency particulate air filter is one of the most expensive disposable aircon filters. This eliminates 99.97% of air pollutants in your home. Because of the high ability to filter air, it is known to restrict airflow, which leads to unit failure.

• Pleated Fibre Filter

Commonly made from cotton or polyester, pleated air con filters are designed into a pleated fabric that catches even the smallest pollutant and contaminants. For example, AirClean Filters offers high-efficiency V-pleated air con filters that are disposable. They trap pollutants up to 10x smaller, making them a highly effective air con filter. The ‘V’ design offers 2.5 times wide surface area for the effective air filtration process.

How Often Should Air Filters Be Replaced?

Checking your air con filter every so often wouldn’t hurt your time. For home use, air con filters can be changed every 12 months depending on the environment. 

You can also do visual checking to know if your filter needs replacement. If the colour of your air con filter goes from light to dark grey, it is time to change it. If you need a new air con filter, consider AirClean Filters

AirClean Filters: An Innovative Way of Keeping the Air Clean

Still worried that you do not have the best air condition filter yet?

The high-efficiency V-pleated filter of AirClean Filters revolutionises the standard of air con filters in the market. You may opt to use the traditional washable air con filters, but you’re not getting the best value for your family.

Secure your family’s health with AirClean Filters. We are the only disposable filter brand for HVAC applications that’s recognised by the Sensitive Choice program for superior air filtration.

Check out AirClean Filters and improve the air you breathe. For enquiries, call us on 1300 234 583 today.

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