Your Air Conditioner’s Disposable Air Filters

Air conditioners are often misconceived as mere heaters and coolers. But, do you know that the conditioning ability of your ACs isn’t limited from moderating the temp inside your room? They also purify the air in order to create a conducive indoor air to breathe. Air conditioners have air filters that do the wonders in trapping impure air so that you can enjoy a clean and healthy indoor environment. However, due to neglect, air filters get clogged and compromise air quality within the room. What can you do? Is there an air filter cleaner? Why are there disposable filters? Can you clean aircon filters?  

Can You Clean a Disposable Air Filter?

A disposable air filter is named so because you can dispose of it after using it and install a fresh new piece. Disposable air filters aren’t designed for washing due to their delicate mesh material. Washing could only worsen the filter surface and will no longer be usable. Generally, washed disposable filters, if not completely dried up, would accumulate mould, mildew, thus, moist. It is best to toss out an old air filter cleaner and switch to a new replacement when the time comes.  

How Long Do Disposable Air Filters Last?

Some people prefer the traditional washable aircon filters without giving much thought on the damage they can cause to their AC unit and household members’ health as well. They also hate the idea of disposable air filters to be replaced in a few months, believing this would cost them more. However, disposable air filters are more effective in trapping dust particles, including bacteria, virus, smoke or pet dander. Some disposable air filters are designed to remove bad odours or stench of rotten food, garbage and musty areas.  A disposable filter is excellent in removing smaller contaminants from the air in your home. These filters feature a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) classification of 16 and lower. Whilst this type of filter provides you with high-quality indoor air, it needs to be replaced every three months to stop common AC and furnace airflow issues.  

Can You Wash and Reuse Air Purifier Filters?

A washable air purifier filter is a permanent filter and can be cleaned and reused many times. You can either vacuum dust particulates or wash them through cold running water. If you don’t know how not to damage the filter, have an AC service repairman do the cleaning and maintenance.  

Are Washable Air Filters Better Than Disposable?

In some aspects, washable air filters are way better than disposable  aircon filters. They can help you save money because there’s no need to buy a new one every now and then. The reason it is washable means it is reusable, and it lasts for years along with your AC. However, there are a few cons that you need to carefully understand.
  • Washable aircon filters require proper maintenance. Incorrect washing management will lead to aircon damage and poor air quality.
  • Though they can be used over and over again, washable ac filters have a low MERV rating. If you have a specialised option for types of air filters, washable filters are not for you.
  • Because of the poor MERV rating, the washable air filter cannot remove dander or smoke. This also poses health hazards among household members with allergies and asthma.
  • Prolonged dirt on the air filter reduces its ability to trap air and worsens air quality.

Strong Important Features of Disposable Air Filters

Why do you think disposable AC filters are highly preferred now? With the changing times, air conditioner filter suppliers recommend disposable air filters for homes. This is because whilst the traditional filter panel is out of sight, it is often neglected. The time to realise that it has to be cleaned, it already loses its integrity to purify the air. More than that, unattended dirty air filters cause damage to the unit. With disposable air filters, they offer the following benefits:
  • Trap air pollutants that are 10 times smaller.
  • The V-pleat designs have wider surface area to trap dirt, thus keeping your unit cleaner and more efficient.
  • Regular changing of disposable filters protects your AC system.
  • With cleaner coils and exchange heat, AC performance is improved.
  • Savings on repairs and maintenance means saving more money.

AirClean Filters: An Innovative Way of Keeping the Air Clean

Do you need to replace an air filter in your house?  While it is recommended you call professional HVAC technicians who will discuss the benefits of disposable filters and your options, you also need the best filter type that matches your needs and health requirements. Protect your home and health with AirClean Filters. AirClean Filters could be your choice of disposable filter for your home as they keep the unit cleaner and help it run more efficiently. They also help maintain cleaner air. Want to know how our air filters work? Contact us now.

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